Episode 35 Moyseis Marques


Moyseis Marques is a singer, composer, and guitarist. He began his professional career in 1998 and in the past 18 years of his career he has dedicated himself fully to the rhythms of Brazil, particularly samba, forró, and so-called MPB ("Música Popular Brasileira").

He is a founder of the bands "Casuarina", "Forró na Contramão" and "Tempero Carioca", and in 2001 he began playing frequently in the bars of Lapa -- the bohemian heart of Rio de Janeiro – and participating actively in Lapa's revitalization (along with other leading lights of the Rio music scene). Since then, he has established himself as one of the principal talents of the generation of sambistas that emerged from the resurgence of Lapa. He has released five albums, "Moyseis Marques" (Deck Disc,2007), “Fases do Coração" (Deck Disc 2009), “Pra Desengomar" (Biscoito Fino 2012), “Casual Solo" (Fina Flor, 2014) and "Made in Brasil" (Sarau, 2015),

His repertoire of original compositions includes partnerships with a litany of Brazil's best known musical poets, from both the "old school" and the "new school." He is a partner of luminaries such as Aldir Blanc, Edu Krieger, Nei Lopes, Moacyr Luz, Zé Paulo Becker, Alfredo Del -Penho, Joyce Moreno, Ivan Lins, Zé Renato, Khrystal , Socorro Lira, Pedro Luís, João Cavalcanti, Vidal Assis, João Martins and Yamandu Costa among many others.

He has received nominations for Best Album and Best Singer  in two consecutive years in the National Prize of Brazilian Music, was the star of the musical "Ópera do Malandro" (staged by João Falcão, that debuted at Rio's Municipal Theatre in 2015), and has a long list of shows and recordings to his name all over Brazil, the US, and Europe. He has shared the stage with a "who's who" of Brazilian music, including Chico Buarque, Arlindo Cruz, Paulinho da Viola, Martinho da Vila, Beth Carvalho, Moraes Moreira and Luiz Melodia.

Moyseis is also a long-time California Brazil Camp faculty member.

-Caetano Veloso
-Gilberto Gil
-Chico Buarque de Hollanda
-Tom Jobim
-Ellis Regina
-Maria Bethânia
-Luiz Gonzaga
-Jackson do Pandeiro
-Paulinho da Viola
-Zeca Pagodinho
-Arlindo Cruz

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Moyseis Marques
By Moyseis Marques
Moyseis Marques
By Moyseis Marques

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