Episode 51 Serrinha Raiz



Serrinha grew up in a family of musicians and sambistas that originated in Imperio Serrano and Estacio de Sa’.  Since childhood, he demonstrated interest in various percussion instruments. He participated in “rodas de samba” that had some of the great samba personalities as invitees:  Jorge Aragao, Monarco, Almir Guineto, Luiz Carlos da Vila, and Luiz Melodia, to name some. He has worked as a director of samba school, in the likes of Unidos da Tijuca, Unidos de Padre Miguel, Estacio de Sa, among others.  He is part of the top tier of Samba show group at City of Samba, which brings together the sambistas that are standouts in the Rio (Carioca) Carnaval scene.

He is a professor of percussion at Petrobras, where he is the master of the Impussivi Bloco; a bloco created by officials of the institution.

Currently, he is a musician, playing in groups such as Terreiro do Crioulo (a samba de raiz group) and Batuque Digital. He is a freelance percussionist, he offers personal percussion lessons, and he’s also honorary “godfather”of the Bloco Camaleoes do Vila , in Forteleza.

Since 2009, Serrinha has traveled  across Europe teaching Samba workshops along with his partner, Chris Quade Cuoto from Koln Samba (episode 28). During these years of partnership, they went to countries such as France, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Germany, Russia, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Scotland, Serbia, Portugal and Japan. In 2010, they were invited to conduct a special workshop at the famous Music Conservatory in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

He continues to be a respected and driving force in the Rio Carnaval scene.



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