Welcome to The Brazilian Beat

Getting to know the Brazilian percussion music-making community, one interview at a time with your hosts, Courtney and Dianna.

Not everyone has the freedom, time, and money to travel to Brazil to learn from the masters. Courtney and Dianna interview top percussionists, samba group directors, dancers and teachers about new trends and old traditions. 

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Dianna Bio

Dianna has been involved in the music and dance of the African Diaspora for many a year. She has been a dancer, singer, organizer and musician, with a deep interest in Cuba and Brazil. As she takes the path into podcasting, she hopes to get a better understanding of the worldwide music community. And of course, make some contacts!


Courtney Bio

Courtney grew up playing piano and percussion in marching band, concert band, percussion ensembles and drum corps in high school and college. She instantly fell in love with community samba after seeing Samba da Alegria in Arcata, California.  Courtney currently lives in Oregon and supports her drumming habit by working at Portland Community College in the Biology Department. She plays with MARACATUpdx, Bloco Alegria, and Portland Samba. Being very new on the Brazilian music scene she is hoping that this podcast is a chance to ask questions and learn from the pros!