Episode 32 Alessandro Cardozo


Alessandro Cardozo is an accomplished cavaquinista, composer and music producer and musical director. His first steps into the music world were taken when he was only 8 years old. In spite of his young age, he went to serestas and rodas de choro. As a teenager, Cardozo decided to go further and deepen his studies; seeking further specialization, he enrolled in music classes. Alessandro is a true cavaquinho scholar, and such dedication and skills have led to being a sought after musician for rodas, recordings, and television, in both choro and samba.  

Alessandro has performed at festivals in various countries around the world, and with artists such as Beth Carvalho, Elza Soares, Marcos Sacramento, Zeca Pagodinho,Grupo Fundo de Quintal, Moyseis Marques, and he was a member of singer Luiz Melodia’s band.  

In 2010 he formed the instrumental ensemble, Rio Trio with Netinho Albuquerque (Pandeiro) and Leandro Saramago (Guitar 7 Strings),hoping to promote choro, keeping its traditions and playing music of the greats, like Waldir Azevedo, Pixinguinha, Ernesto Nazareth, João Pernambuco, Jacob do Bandolim and others. Besides these great names, the Rio Trio innovates by including in its repertoire composers of the new generation.

He currently is busy with many projects, including producing Diogo Nogueira’s upcoming release marking the artists 10 year anniversary music career.  If you are in Rio, look for one of his many performances.  

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