Episode 34 Bryan Cooperrider

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Sponsored by GoSamba.net!

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Bryan Cooperrider is an educator, designer, and musician. With a background in art and engineering, he received a masters in product design from Stanford University. He and his wife, also a product designer, run a design consulting firm in Flagstaff.

Bryan started playing piano at the age of eight, and his musical journey has never stopped. His love of music extends from American folk and jazz to Brazilian samba and Afro-Cuban roots music. He is a multi-instrumentalist, playing saxophone, guitar and percussion with various groups. In 2008 he founded Sambatuque, a Brazilian percussion bateria dedicated to the rhythms and grooves of the Brazilian nation, and he regularly appears around Flagstaff with his jazz ensemble The Flat Fives. He has composed many original arrangements for a Brazilian percussion ensemble which are frequently performed by Sambatuque.

Bryan has studied and collaborated with numerous master musicians. Among them, master Guinean drummer Amara Mansare, Jorge Martin from Recife Brazil, Marcus Santos, from Bahia, Dudu Fuentes from Batucalacatuca, Jorge Alabe, as well as American percussionists Brian Rice, Ami Molinelli, Michael Spiro, and body rhythm master Keith Terry, among others. As a teacher by training, Bryan leads frequent workshops. He has taken kindergartners on a round-the-world music tour, taught adults the intricacies of Brazilian groove, and body rhythm to people of all ages.

Bryan has served on local non-profit boards – Northern Arizona Audubon, Flagstaff Sister Cities. He feels that non-profits contribute a strong component of our cultural strength and is committed to helping them serve local communities.