Episode 47 Creating a non-profit with Dev Nambi

 Photo credit Eric Crawford

Photo credit Eric Crawford

Dev’s been playing drums since 1993, in symphonic band, marching band, jazz band, and various musicals. He stopped playing for a few years in his 20’s, a silly decision he hopes you won’t repeat.

Since 2014 Dev has been a musician and organizer in https://vamola.org/, the Seattle drum and dance bloco. He also plays for dance classes around the city.

For the last two years he’s been visiting groups all over the US and Canada. He’s hoping to visit and play with every samba group in North America. You’ll probably recognize him as that guy who shows up for a rehearsal in your town and then disappears for a year.

When he’s not playing music, Dev is a data scientist at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Yep, he’s a giant nerd. For example, this episode isn’t really about music, it’s about paperwork.


Dev’s how to start a non-profit document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1w34DRKd2SwsfdP83wR9R1nrk7WRWfjrz9qpKvR2sHRg/edit?usp=sharing






Episode 46 Douglas Jorge, Portela Samba School Bateria Director.


Douglas Jorge is a descendent of samba royalty!

He is the Grandson of Alcides Gregorio, who was one of the founders of Império Serrano Samba School. Alcides Gregorio was also the Império Serrano’s first Bateria Mestre. Douglas is also grand nephew of Mestre Fuleiro, another founder of the Império Serrano. Douglas’ father is Mestre Faísca, who was also Bateria Mestre of the Império Serrano. Douglas is the nephew of the current mestre of Portela, Mestre Nilo Sérgio. He was baptized into the world of samba at the age of 8 by Mestre Marçal (who is also his godfather) in Império Serrano, in a recording for the Video Show program in the quadra of Imério Serrano on Globo TV.

Douglas himself is following in the footsteps of this tremendous family.

Douglas Jorge is currently a director of the bateria at the samba school, Portela. And Douglas is not only involved with samba, he also teaches and plays candomblé, umbanda, and angola traditions. In addition, he assists with various bloco projects around, as well as others. Douglas is also a professional percussionist.

Instagram: @Douglas_jorge90
Facebook contact for lessons: https://www.facebook.com/douglas.jorgell
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/douglas.jorge.90

Mestre Jorjão documentary: https://vimeo.com/13446847



Samba drums and gear available here.


Episode 45 Pato Irie from TDot Batu


Pato’ Irie born and raised in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, honed his skills and developed his musical stylings while living in and playing in the birthplace of samba reggae–Salvador, Bahia. In 1997 Pato moved to Chile, where he shared his knowledge of samba reggae for more than 10 years.

And today he has been in Toronto, Canada for 10 years and he is the founder and the leader of the premiere samba reggae band in Toronto, TDot Batu.


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Brazilian Percussion Instruments

Caixas, repiniques, surdos, tamborims, heads, sticks, mallets, straps…

Episode 44 Jakub Škrha from Ritmo Factory in Czech Republic


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Jakub Škrha is a percussionist focusing mainly on Brazilian rhythms and samba. For a year he had lived in Rio de Janeiro, the capital of samba, where he learned rhythms and percussion play with the best Brazilian teachers.

As one of few Europeans and as a sole Czech citizen, he was part of the biggest and most famous carnivals in the world the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. For two consecutive years, he had performed in the bateria (drum orchestra) of samba school Unidos do Viradouro and one year he played with samba school Academicos do Cubango.

Apart from playing and experiencing the inner processes of samba schools in Rio, Jakub studied rhythms and percussion at “Maracatu Brasil – Ritmos Brasileiros e Universais” and at “Escola Portatil da Música – Casa do Choro”. He learned from leading Brazilian percussionists such as Bernardo Aguiar, Gabriel Policarpo, Fabricio Reis, Marcus Suzano, Boka Reis, Waguinho do Repique, Dofono de Omolu, Luiz Augusto, Alexandr Garnizé, Iran Silva and others.

His practice allowed him to found a new samba school called Escola de Samba Brno and to organize samba workshops. He also leads a modern drum show Ritmo Factory combining the power of exotic rhythms with modern sound of electronic dance music.

In his home country of the Czech Republic, he had performed at many concerts and drum shows. He cooperated with prominent Czech musicians like singer Anna K, who he accompanied on percussions during the summer tour of well know Czech festivals in 2017 and 2018. He participated in the Czech House opening during Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympic Games in 2016. For years, he played in drum band TamTam Batucada of Miloš Vacík (for example on Expo 2015 in Milan, Italy). And last but not least he played at the opening ceremony of UEFA finals between Bayern Munich and Chelsea F.C. in Prague´s Eden (2013).





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Episode 43 Tact Hirose

 Tact Hirose

Tact Hirose


Tact Hirose is a Japanese musician, composer,producer and bassist. He is also known as a devotee of Brazilian performance art Maracatu, and presides a Maracatu group BAQUEBA in Tokyo. 

While continuing with his international musician's work, he has also aggressively advanced the propagation of Maracatu to various areas in Japan. Since 2013, He has led a citizens Batucada of Maracatu in SUKIYAKI MEETS THE WORLD FESTIVAL that is one of the most famous world music festival in Japan and realized very large-scaled Maracatu parade every year.

He has been a part of the Nação do Maracatu Porto Rico in Recife, Brazil since 2017 and in this summer, he will invite his Maracatu master Mestere Chacon to Japan.

website: http://maruyeyi.com

Sansa Drumming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_m9w3Iecd8c

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Episode 42 Mestre Memeu of Olodum

Mestre Memeu.png

Mestre Memeu, is a legend in the samba reggae community.

He has been part of olodum for 35 years and leading for 25 of those. He has toured the world playing with Olodum and  teaching workshops. He received the name of MESTRE after the 1st Mestre Neguinho do Samba bestowed him with the title.

He has collaborated with Ziggy Marley, Jimmy Cliff and Alpha Blondie.  Aside from Olodum, he currently also leads his group, A Banda do Mestre Memeu, where they play his original compositions.

Patricio Martinez, aka Pato Irie is the leader of Tdot Batu, a samba reggae group in Toronto, Canada. Originally from Salvador, he has a love for Bahian music and grew up watching Olodum and the other groups playing in Pelourinho.  He has been leading Tdot Batu for 5 years and prior to that had organized a drumming network throughout Chile, where he live for 10 years.

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Mestre Memeu and Olodum.jpg

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Brazilian drums in North America.

Episode 41 Ana Laidley


Ana grew up in the cradle of Samba, Estaçao Primeira de Mangueira, where her
father was a well-respected musician and her mother was one of the first well
known Passistas to perform nationally and internationally.
na has been teaching Samba for some 26 years in the USA. Her classes integrate
traditional and contemporary Samba styles. Her teaching methodology integrates
her life experiences with Samba and her psychology background, providing a
space for people to develop their knowledge and understanding of the Brazilian
culture and reconnect with their body, mind, and soul.
She is the founder of Samba N' Motion and Malandro N' Motion and has
choreographed several pieces that reflect her knowledge and passion for Samba
de Malandro, Gafieira, and the various styles and movements of Samba. She has
developed several workshops and programs and teaches at the Brazilian Cultural
Center in LA and other cultural centers such as the “Casa de Cultura” in Berkeley.
Ana is the co-creator of the International Samba Congress held in Los Angeles.
She recently completed her Doctoral degree in Psychology and her Dissertation
was on Samba and Life: The Dance of Cultural Assimilation and Reconstruction of
Ana also provides consultation for other groups involved with Brazilian events and
collaborates with several organizations and institutions. She is part of the Board of
Directors of BRASARTE in Berkeley.



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Episode 40 Clarissa Altmann


Clarissa Altmann was born in 1975. From 6 to 16 she played Flute, Fanfare, Trumpet, Piano and Guitar. She saw samba for the first time in 2001. Her first “real” Samba-Experience was 2006 a Batucada Masterclass in Germany with Ivo Meirelles from the famous Mangueira samba school. She fell in love with Rio Samba- Batucada & Funk and ended up founding her own Samba Group BATURIM in Summer 2007 which she is still directing.

During the following years she had more Batucada Masterclass Workshops with Átila Gomes (from Imperio Serrano / Vila Isabel) and Nilo Sergio from Portela. She has rehearsed with almost all schools from Grupo Especial in Rio like: Tijuca, Vila Isabel, Mangueira, Salgueiro, Grande Rio, Imperatriz Leopoldinense, & Estácio de Sá. She has paraded with the Tamborim through the Sambodromo since 2013 – almost every year with Alegria da Zona Sul, since 2015 with Portela ( EnsaioTecnico: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nec5knUIF8k) plus 2016 with Tradição.

2017 she stayed 3 months in Rio to rehearse as much as possible, playing shows with Portela for the TV, New Years Eve, and parading with Portela in Carnaval.  That was the year that Portela won. She also did her first parade with Estácio de Sá. Opening ceremony with Tijuca. In 2018 she returned to parade with Portela and Estácio, rehearsing and parading with different blocos.

She is also a Member and one of the Tamborim directors of Bloco X since 2007 ( Samba Batucada players from all over Europe).  

She is also one of the Mestres from Bloco Coração founded 2011 (Samba Groups from Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia, Poland and guest players/dancers to play shows all over Europe).

Her favorite instrument or her “instrument of the heart” is the Tamborim. She not only plays but teaches several different techniques as well.

She also held the Batucada Workshop with more than 70 participants at the Drum-Festival Drumpoint in Nitra - Slovakia 2015

Travelling through Europe (while she isn't in Rio) to play with samba groups at festivals and carnavals is her favourite Hobby.




Fabulous Portuguese Classes with Cristiane Santos:
+55 21 99152-6563 WhatsApp

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Episode 39 Francisco Marques

Francisco Marques photo.jpg

Francisco Marques is a multi-instrumentalist dedicated to the performance, teaching, and study of Brazilian roots music. He is a founding member of Ginga, the director of Grupo Chegando Lá and a member of Sambadendé and the Boulder Samba School.

Born in Sao Paolo, Brazil, he was raised in the Washington DC area and graduated from Colby College in 2000, where he received a BA in Music, with a focus on classical guitar.  Francisco teaches on a variety of instruments, with a focus on Brazilian music and rhythms. Along with guitar, he plays the electric bass guitar, cavaquinho, pandeiro, cuica, repinique, repique de mao, tamborim, caixa, surdo, and tantan.  

Francisco is also a regular faculty member at California Brazil Camp.


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Episode 38 Bruno Moraes


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Episode 37 Neil Bost

Neil Bost.jpg

Neil Bost graduated from Yucca Valley High School in 2009, where he participated in
the symphonic band and marching band drum line for four years. He graduated from
Humboldt State University in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in music performance and
music education. Other education includes summer workshops such as the
Explorations in Afro-Cuban Music and Dance workshop, which Neil has taken and
worked for every summer over the past four years. This workshop brought in master
drummers and dancers from Cuba and the United States to teach a week-long intensive
on Afro-Cuban music, dance and culture. California Brazil Camp is another summer
workshop that he has attended for the past five years, which hosts teachers from Brazil
and the US to teach a two week-long workshop on Brazilian music and culture.
In 2013 Neil was hired as musical director of Samba na Chuva, a musical troupe that
specializes in Brazilian styles of music and dance. As musical director he teaches
private and group drum lessons and composes arrangements to be performed in the
group’s annual performances. In 2014 Neil became director of Samba da Alegria
Community Drummers, a project of the Ink People through the non profit group Dance
and Drum in Humboldt, which focuses on community involvement through learning and
playing music. As director Neil teaches weekly drum classes year round as well as
organizes and leads the yearly samba parade of over 200 participants. In addition Neil
develops educational materials for the group such as musical charts, videos and
In spring of 2015 Neil was hired as a substitute teacher for several school districts in
Humboldt County. In fall of 2015 he was hired as an Instructional Aide for Trinidad
Elementary School, where he is an aide for the 8th grade classroom as well as an aide
for the music teacher. He has also been assisting the after school music programs at
both Trinidad and Blue Lake Elementary Schools for the past two years, which includes
group music instruction through use of the steel pan instrument. Neil also assisted two
separate week-long summer drum camps at both of these schools.
Neil has also performed in a multitude of groups on a variety of instruments. Performing
groups that Neil has participated in include sambAmore, a world music fusion group
which has toured extensively throughout the west coast as well as recorded multiple
albums. He also plays with the HSU Calypso Band which specializes in the steel pan
repertoire from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. During his seven years with the
HSU Calypso Band Neil has recorded three albums with the group, one of which
featured him as a soloist, and has had the opportunity to direct the steel band of over 50
people in the director’s absence on multiple occasions. Other groups include Steel
Standing, a small steel band that fused traditional steel pan music with various other
styles, which recorded two albums that featured Neil as a soloist on multiple tracks. He
has also served as Principal Percussionist of the Eureka Symphony since 2015.


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Episode 36 Zachary Himelhoch Samba Nashville

Himelhoch_Head Shot.jpg

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Zachary Himelhoch is a world-percussionist with specialization in Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, and Caribbean styles. Zachary has performed with numerous artists including Chance The Rapper, Denny Jiosa, Andy Narell, Lenny Castro, Etienne Charles, The Cool Kids, Daru Jones, Mark Walker, and Dave Garfield at events throughout the country including The Percussive Arts Society International Convention, Lollapalooza, the Detroit Jazz Festival, the Hyde Park Jazz Festival Benefit Concert, Windsor Jazz Festival, and the Syracuse Jazz Festival. Currently, he serves as the house percussionist for Tom Hurst presents The Loud Jamz. 

As a World Percussion Specialist in Metro Nashville Public Schools, Zachary teaches Brazilian, West African, Cuban, and Caribbean percussion to students ranging from Grades 2-12. For the past year, he has taught World Percussion for the Classroom, designed to help teachers integrate world percussion into the classroom setting, as an Adjunct Instructor for VanderCook College of Music.

Studying extensively under the direction of Ruben Alvarez, Skip “Brinquito” Burney, Tom Hipskind, Jarett Hicks, James Coviak, and Al DiBlassio, Zachary received his Bachelor of Arts in Instrumental Performance from Columbia College Chicago and his Masters in Music Education from VanderCook College of Music. He has taught clinics and master classes in percussion at a number of venues including the Jim Lee Fine Arts Camp, Columbia College Chicago, Holly Middle School, Mott Community College, Vanderbilt University, VanderCook College of Music, and Metro Nashville Public Schools.

Zachary owns and operates ZJH Percussion, a company providing instructional programs, presentations, and private tutoring in all aspects of world percussion. ZJH Percussion, in collaboration with Columbia College Chicago’s Community Arts Partnership and the Music Institute of Chicago, served Chicago Public Schools and Chicago Parks District for over four years through the provision of culture and music education to underprivileged learners through the Chicago area. ZJH Percussion now serves the greater Nashville area.


Zachary's Thesis:


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Episode 35 Moyseis Marques


Moyseis Marques is a singer, composer, and guitarist. He began his professional career in 1998 and in the past 18 years of his career he has dedicated himself fully to the rhythms of Brazil, particularly samba, forró, and so-called MPB ("Música Popular Brasileira").

He is a founder of the bands "Casuarina", "Forró na Contramão" and "Tempero Carioca", and in 2001 he began playing frequently in the bars of Lapa -- the bohemian heart of Rio de Janeiro – and participating actively in Lapa's revitalization (along with other leading lights of the Rio music scene). Since then, he has established himself as one of the principal talents of the generation of sambistas that emerged from the resurgence of Lapa. He has released five albums, "Moyseis Marques" (Deck Disc,2007), “Fases do Coração" (Deck Disc 2009), “Pra Desengomar" (Biscoito Fino 2012), “Casual Solo" (Fina Flor, 2014) and "Made in Brasil" (Sarau, 2015),

His repertoire of original compositions includes partnerships with a litany of Brazil's best known musical poets, from both the "old school" and the "new school." He is a partner of luminaries such as Aldir Blanc, Edu Krieger, Nei Lopes, Moacyr Luz, Zé Paulo Becker, Alfredo Del -Penho, Joyce Moreno, Ivan Lins, Zé Renato, Khrystal , Socorro Lira, Pedro Luís, João Cavalcanti, Vidal Assis, João Martins and Yamandu Costa among many others.

He has received nominations for Best Album and Best Singer  in two consecutive years in the National Prize of Brazilian Music, was the star of the musical "Ópera do Malandro" (staged by João Falcão, that debuted at Rio's Municipal Theatre in 2015), and has a long list of shows and recordings to his name all over Brazil, the US, and Europe. He has shared the stage with a "who's who" of Brazilian music, including Chico Buarque, Arlindo Cruz, Paulinho da Viola, Martinho da Vila, Beth Carvalho, Moraes Moreira and Luiz Melodia.

Moyseis is also a long-time California Brazil Camp faculty member.

-Caetano Veloso
-Gilberto Gil
-Chico Buarque de Hollanda
-Tom Jobim
-Ellis Regina
-Maria Bethânia
-Luiz Gonzaga
-Jackson do Pandeiro
-Paulinho da Viola
-Zeca Pagodinho
-Arlindo Cruz

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Moyseis Marques
By Moyseis Marques
Moyseis Marques
By Moyseis Marques

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Episode 34 Bryan Cooperrider

Bryan Cooperrider photo.jpg

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Bryan Cooperrider is an educator, designer, and musician. With a background in art and engineering, he received a masters in product design from Stanford University. He and his wife, also a product designer, run a design consulting firm in Flagstaff.

Bryan started playing piano at the age of eight, and his musical journey has never stopped. His love of music extends from American folk and jazz to Brazilian samba and Afro-Cuban roots music. He is a multi-instrumentalist, playing saxophone, guitar and percussion with various groups. In 2008 he founded Sambatuque, a Brazilian percussion bateria dedicated to the rhythms and grooves of the Brazilian nation, and he regularly appears around Flagstaff with his jazz ensemble The Flat Fives. He has composed many original arrangements for a Brazilian percussion ensemble which are frequently performed by Sambatuque.

Bryan has studied and collaborated with numerous master musicians. Among them, master Guinean drummer Amara Mansare, Jorge Martin from Recife Brazil, Marcus Santos, from Bahia, Dudu Fuentes from Batucalacatuca, Jorge Alabe, as well as American percussionists Brian Rice, Ami Molinelli, Michael Spiro, and body rhythm master Keith Terry, among others. As a teacher by training, Bryan leads frequent workshops. He has taken kindergartners on a round-the-world music tour, taught adults the intricacies of Brazilian groove, and body rhythm to people of all ages.

Bryan has served on local non-profit boards – Northern Arizona Audubon, Flagstaff Sister Cities. He feels that non-profits contribute a strong component of our cultural strength and is committed to helping them serve local communities.




Episode 33 Batalá New York Directors Deinya Phenix and Laura Torell

 Deinya Phoenix and Laura Torell

Deinya Phoenix and Laura Torell

Batalá New York is a part of a global arts project made up of over 30 bands around the world. The music of Batalá originates in Salvador, the capital of the state of Bahia, in northeastern Brazil. The international Batalá family owes its existence to Giba Gonçalves, a percussionist, composer and choreographer from Salvador. The first representation of Batalá in New York City, known as ‘Batalá NYC,’ was born in 2012. In the summer of 2016, under new leadership, this band incorporated as a not-for-profit organization, now called simply ‘Batalá New York.’

Their instruments and costumes are all made in Salvador. The main musical genre they play is samba-reggae.


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Episode 32 Alessandro Cardozo


Alessandro Cardozo is an accomplished cavaquinista, composer and music producer and musical director. His first steps into the music world were taken when he was only 8 years old. In spite of his young age, he went to serestas and rodas de choro. As a teenager, Cardozo decided to go further and deepen his studies; seeking further specialization, he enrolled in music classes. Alessandro is a true cavaquinho scholar, and such dedication and skills have led to being a sought after musician for rodas, recordings, and television, in both choro and samba.  

Alessandro has performed at festivals in various countries around the world, and with artists such as Beth Carvalho, Elza Soares, Marcos Sacramento, Zeca Pagodinho,Grupo Fundo de Quintal, Moyseis Marques, and he was a member of singer Luiz Melodia’s band.  

In 2010 he formed the instrumental ensemble, Rio Trio with Netinho Albuquerque (Pandeiro) and Leandro Saramago (Guitar 7 Strings),hoping to promote choro, keeping its traditions and playing music of the greats, like Waldir Azevedo, Pixinguinha, Ernesto Nazareth, João Pernambuco, Jacob do Bandolim and others. Besides these great names, the Rio Trio innovates by including in its repertoire composers of the new generation.

He currently is busy with many projects, including producing Diogo Nogueira’s upcoming release marking the artists 10 year anniversary music career.  If you are in Rio, look for one of his many performances.  

LInks to Projects



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Episode 31 Lorin Hansen and Mason Aeschbacher of Samba Fogo

Lorin and Mason.jpg

Samba Fogo is a non-profit Cultural Arts Organization inspired many years ago by the excitement and beauty of Afro-Brazilian Music and Dance. For over a decade we have been studying, performing and teaching in Utah along the Wasatch Front and the Western United States.

Our mission is to enrich our community and inspire others through live performances, arts education, classes and workshops





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 Mason, Mestre Jonas, and Lorin

Mason, Mestre Jonas, and Lorin

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Episode 30 Margareth Menezes


One of the most powerful voices of Brazilian popular music, Margareth Menezes has been in the Brazilian music scene for the last 30 years. She is famed for her energetic live performances and regularly tours and performs at carnival celebrations.  Her career began in 1987 when she recorded her first LP single (Pharaoh - Divinity of Egypt by Luciano Gomes) and sold more than 100,000 copies. True to her roots, she mixes elements of African, Brazilian, indigenous and pop music in a movement she calls Afropop Brasileiro Movement. She is famed for her energetic live performances and regularly tours and performs at carnival celebrations.

Margareth remains one of the most dynamic and popular of the contemporary Brazilian artists achieving international recognition.

Margareth Menezes has gained international prominence since the 1990s, when she joined the King Momo tour with the group, Talking Heads at the invitation of David Byrne. Since then, she has 22 international tours. Their album Kindala (1993), that had participation of Jimmy Cliff, yielded the first indication to the world-wide Grammy. With the CD Margareth Menezes Pra Você (2006) and the Brazilian CD / DVD (2006) was again indicated. In 2004, with the participation of Alcione and the Mangueira drummer, Margareth recorded her first DVD (Live at the Salvador Summer Festival), which sold 50,000 copies.

In addition to awards, the singer keeps in her career several successful songs, such as Dandalunda, Elegibô, Toté de Maianga, Selei (Salute to the Caboclo). In 2010, the artist released her most recent work, the DVD Naturalmente - Acústico, with contributions by Carlinhos Brown, Roberto Mendes, Luís Represas, Saul Barbosa and Marivaldo dos Santos from  Stomp.  


2 Grammy nominations

1 Indication to the Brazilian Music Prize

2 Caymmi Trophies

2 Press Trophies

4 Dodo and Osmar Trophies




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Episode 29 Beto Guimaraes


Born and raised in Olinda in the state of Pernambuco in northeastern Brazil, Beto Guimareas is dedicated to sharing the richness of his culture through many forms of Brazilian dance such as Samba, Samba de Roda, Pagode, Coco de Roda, Samba Reggae, Frevo, and Maracatu. Beto has performed throughout the U.S, as well as internationally.. He is a long-time teacher of dance at California Brazil Camp, and is currently the director of dancer for Portland, Oregon’s MARACATUpdx..  



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Sponsored by GoSamba.net

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