Episode 43 Tact Hirose

Tact Hirose

Tact Hirose


Tact Hirose is a Japanese musician, composer,producer and bassist. He is also known as a devotee of Brazilian performance art Maracatu, and presides a Maracatu group BAQUEBA in Tokyo. 

While continuing with his international musician's work, he has also aggressively advanced the propagation of Maracatu to various areas in Japan. Since 2013, He has led a citizens Batucada of Maracatu in SUKIYAKI MEETS THE WORLD FESTIVAL that is one of the most famous world music festival in Japan and realized very large-scaled Maracatu parade every year.

He has been a part of the Nação do Maracatu Porto Rico in Recife, Brazil since 2017 and in this summer, he will invite his Maracatu master Mestere Chacon to Japan.

website: http://maruyeyi.com

Sansa Drumming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_m9w3Iecd8c

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