Episode 20 Alex Bordokas of Maracatu Mar Aberto

Alex is a cultural producer based in Toronto, and often moonlighting in Rio de Janeiro. He is the founding Artistic Director of Uma Nota Culture and has spent many years as both an artist and an independent music promoter, always focusing on music from the ‘tropical world’.  He has been at the forefront of many productions in conjunction with Lula Music & Arts Centre and the Luminato Festival, as well as several projects in Brazil. He is currently an Artistic Associate at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto.

Since 2002, Alex has lived within the rhythm of maracatu and has researched and studied various styles; immersing himself in the style of the northern area of Recife. He counts among his teachers Mestre Walter de França and percussionist Eder Rocha. Alex was among one of the first to start a maracatu group in North America in late 2003 when he founded Maracatu Nunca Antes. Today, Alex is the artistic director of Maracatu Mar Aberto, spearheading the young troupe’s artistic initiatives and community driven presence in downtown Toronto.


Maracatu Mar Aberto's Website

Maracatu Ethnography: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5564cee5e4b07d5fa8a2ea14/t/556d2f99e4b0975c0bb06ae3/1433218969402/Maracatu+Ethnography+-+Alexander+Bordokas.pdf

Padê Onã - Maracatu Mar Aberto LIVE at in/future festival

Maracatu Mar Aberto Brazilian Drummers - CMRTV

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