Episode 21 Marco Castrucci of Bloco Energia

Marco is one part insurance professional, one part musician, one part lover of the outdoors, one part Cuban salsa dancer and lover of the runon sentence. Along with Nick Fabin, Marco leads Bloco Energia in Vancouver, B.C. Marco started playing Brazilian Rhythms in 2007 with Sambata, led by Paul Bray. Since 2012, he has been focused on growing the community that is Bloco Energia and spreading his love of Samba, and rhythm in general. Marco has been fortunate to have learned from many teachers such as Paul Bray, Jorge Alabe, Jimmy Biala, Mark Lamson, Marcus Santos and Dudu Fuentes, among others. Marco loves to travel and play with other groups when he can. Besides Vancouver, Marco has also played with groups in Toronto, Seattle, Oakland, Portland and Rio.





groove masters percussion: http://gmpercussion.com/

the Samba Gypsy Blog: http://sambagypsy.blogspot.com/

BipBip Musicians' bar in Rio

Batulacatuca - Dudu Fuentes group

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Sponsored by GoSamba.net!

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