Episode 39 Francisco Marques

Francisco Marques photo.jpg

Francisco Marques is a multi-instrumentalist dedicated to the performance, teaching, and study of Brazilian roots music. He is a founding member of Ginga, the director of Grupo Chegando Lá and a member of Sambadendé and the Boulder Samba School.

Born in Sao Paolo, Brazil, he was raised in the Washington DC area and graduated from Colby College in 2000, where he received a BA in Music, with a focus on classical guitar.  Francisco teaches on a variety of instruments, with a focus on Brazilian music and rhythms. Along with guitar, he plays the electric bass guitar, cavaquinho, pandeiro, cuica, repinique, repique de mao, tamborim, caixa, surdo, and tantan.  

Francisco is also a regular faculty member at California Brazil Camp.


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