Episode 26 Reed Flygt

Reed Flygt is the Head Percussion Instructor at the Evanston Escola de Samba. Originally from Baraboo, Wisconsin, Reed is now enjoying life even more.  He is in his seventh year of teaching in Chicago Public Schools where he serves as a music instructor at Lane Tech College Prep High School. Reed attended the Lawrence University Conservatory of Music, where he studied Instrumental Music Education and Percussion Performance with Dane Maxim Richeson. His further experience in African and Brazilian percussion comes from study with Nani Agbeli at the Dagbe Cultural Institute in Kopeyia, Ghana, (2008, 2010, 2012); ethnomusicologist Philip Galinsky in Rio de Janeiro (2010); and attendance at California Brazil Camp.  In addition to teaching Brazilian percussion at EEDS, Reed’s current music projects include playing drums with the bands Fatbook, Ragged Claws, and leading the Chicago-based professional samba group Bloco Maximo.  He would like to personally acknowledge all of his teachers.  More specifically Dr. Philip Galinsky and Samba New York, Dane Richeson, and Jorge Alabe.  Also Marcus Santos, Ailton Nunes, Jimmy Biala, Dudu Fuentes and many of the Chicago area musicians such as John Beard, Marcos Oliveira, Dill Costa, Heitor Garcia, Geraldo de Oliveira, Dedé Sampaio, Felipe Fraga, Will From Brazil, and Moacyr Marchini.

Lastly, he would like to acknowledge the members of Bloco Maximo which include John Beard, Rudy Loo, Kyle Dallman, Matt Korajczyk, Peter Korajczyk, Andrew Green, Harjinder Singh, Evan Jacobson, Collin McCanna, Eric Kummer, Ted Toussaint, Jake Crowe, Zach Himelhoch, and Caitlin Andrew. He would like to thank his Mom, Dad, Brother, Aretha, and Fergus for all of their continuous support. 

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Sponsored by GoSamba.net

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