Episode 25 Amy Cadle of Super Sonic Samba

Amy was honored to accept the musical directorship of Super Sonic Samba School in the winter of 2014 and is excited to share her knowledge of Brazilian drumming with the community.  She began playing percussion at eight years old, and continued her education in percussion performance to achieve a BA from Humboldt State University under Dr. Eugene Novotney and a MA From The University of Akron, Ohio under Dr. Larry Snider.  Although thoroughly rooted in Western music, Amy fell in love with the music of Brazil at age 18 and followed her passion to study the technique and rhythms of the baterias of Rio de Janeiro and Bahia, as well as the traditions of Maracatu, Pagode, Forro, and Candomble.  Her teachers have included Mestres Ailton Nunes, Marcos Santos, Mark Lamson, Michael Spiro, Marivaldo of Ile Aiye, Guiereme Concalves, and Zorival of Olodum. Amy approaches the teaching of Brazilian music from a place of respect for the culture and the traditions behind the music.  She uses Western methodology in the teaching of technique and rhythm as well as a traditional folkloric approach, making her classes an excellent learning place for beginning as well as experienced community members.



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Sponsored by GoSamba.net

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