Episode 18 Dana Monteiro of Harlem Samba


Dana Monteiro is a proud New York City public school teacher with thirteen years of experience, twelve spent at the Frederick Douglass Academy.  Monteiro has a B.S. in music education from N.Y.U., a M.A. in music education from Teachers College, Columbia University and is currently a doctoral candidate in music education at Boston University.  Originally a classical trumpet player, his interest in Brazilian music began on a trip to Rio de Janeiro, where he was brought by local musicians to the Vila Isabel Samba School.  It was there that he heard his first bateria and decided that this music would be successful at the Frederick Douglass Academy.  Since that first visit, Monteiro has made 16 study related trips to Brazil and made visits to samba schools and community music ensembles in London, Tokyo, Chicago, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Uruguay, Argentina, and the Cape Verde Islands to study local musical practices and more importantly, the various methods for how music is taught.  

Monteiro was a panel discussant on alternative practices in music education at the 7th International Symposium of the Sociology of Music Education, a presenter in the Education Section at the annual meeting of the Society for Ethnomusicology in 2013, and presented aworkshop in samba percussion at the 2015 Teaching World Musics Symposium at Northern Illinois University.  He is currently conducting research for his dissertation titled Samba: The Sense of Community in Participatory Music. 


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