Episode 30 Margareth Menezes


One of the most powerful voices of Brazilian popular music, Margareth Menezes has been in the Brazilian music scene for the last 30 years. She is famed for her energetic live performances and regularly tours and performs at carnival celebrations.  Her career began in 1987 when she recorded her first LP single (Pharaoh - Divinity of Egypt by Luciano Gomes) and sold more than 100,000 copies. True to her roots, she mixes elements of African, Brazilian, indigenous and pop music in a movement she calls Afropop Brasileiro Movement. She is famed for her energetic live performances and regularly tours and performs at carnival celebrations.

Margareth remains one of the most dynamic and popular of the contemporary Brazilian artists achieving international recognition.

Margareth Menezes has gained international prominence since the 1990s, when she joined the King Momo tour with the group, Talking Heads at the invitation of David Byrne. Since then, she has 22 international tours. Their album Kindala (1993), that had participation of Jimmy Cliff, yielded the first indication to the world-wide Grammy. With the CD Margareth Menezes Pra Você (2006) and the Brazilian CD / DVD (2006) was again indicated. In 2004, with the participation of Alcione and the Mangueira drummer, Margareth recorded her first DVD (Live at the Salvador Summer Festival), which sold 50,000 copies.

In addition to awards, the singer keeps in her career several successful songs, such as Dandalunda, Elegibô, Toté de Maianga, Selei (Salute to the Caboclo). In 2010, the artist released her most recent work, the DVD Naturalmente - Acústico, with contributions by Carlinhos Brown, Roberto Mendes, Luís Represas, Saul Barbosa and Marivaldo dos Santos from  Stomp.  


2 Grammy nominations

1 Indication to the Brazilian Music Prize

2 Caymmi Trophies

2 Press Trophies

4 Dodo and Osmar Trophies




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