Episode 28 Chris Quade Couto

Chris Quade Couto was born in 1981 in Cologne/Germany.
He began his career as a musician already as a child and with only 15 years, specialized in Brazilian percussion. He played with famous artists like Dudu Nobre and Joyce Cândido, participated in intensive workshops in Brazilian and Cuban percussion with teachers like Dudu Tucci and Ravin Jayasuriya, played in groups such as Pimenta Malagueta, Tim Sein Lada and Cologne Street Beat, founded and directed the samba school Unidos de Colônia and the samba group Suco Legal and played percussion in the Samba Funk band Muamba.
Nowadays he is a musical director of Bloco X, singer and percussionist of the forró trio Capangas, percussionist of the Denise Krammer Trio, founder and percussionist of the Roda de Samba do Alemão and since 2004 he plays in the bateria of Unidos da Tijuca (winner of the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro in 2010, 2012 and 2014) and other samba schools in Rio.

Chris works as a musician and teacher of Brazilian percussion, as a producer of cultural events and CEO of the town twinning association Köln-Rio e.V.

He is famous for his excellent samba workshops, with which he travels each year throughout the whole world. During the last years, he visited many countries, such as Japan, USA, France, Italy, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Scotland, Serbia, Portugal, etc. and in spring 2010 even held a special workshop for the percussion students in the famous Conservatory of world music in Rotterdamm/Netherlands.
Chris is endorser for instruments of the brand Contemporânea.


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Sponsored by GoSamba.net!

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