Episode 13 Toni Bernardo

Toni Bernardo

Toni Bernardo

Toni Bernardo is a drummer/percussionist living and working in Manila, Philippines.  Her curiosity and love of all things rhythm started her on life’s journey. Playing rhythm and drums is about being part of life. How and where you stand say a lot about how you play.  

Her musical evolution and roots trace back to, well, life at home!  Later on in Baguio City, nurtured by the spirit of the mountain Toni threw herself to the wind and followed her soul’s calling . From Japanese taiko to Cuban mambo, Toni moved in different cultural time cycles taking her through the small streets of Manila to Delhi into Bahia and right into the heart of Rio's escola de samba!

Toni was a pioneering member of the band Puro Ritmo and a founding member of the bands Hairy Dawgs and Escola de Samba de Manila. She is the Samba Empress of the Philippines, as founder and drum director of Samba School Imperatriz Filipinense. Toni also guests with Royal Hartigan and the Blood Drum Spirit. 

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